Thursday, February 14, 2013

End of Dorner Manhunt Beginning of New Conspiracy Theory War with Media

Within moments of news from the San Bernardino County Sheriff's office that the manhunt for Jordon Dorner was over, did the doubters and theorists rear up to question aspects of the investigation that continue to beleaguer it.  Conveniently, the body was burnt beyond recognition and as of Valentine's Day morning, could still not be identified.  Apparently the fire at the little wood cabin in kindred to the conflagration that took down the twin towers. 

As always, the LAPD will take a bit of heat for their use of the drones, and their heavy handed methods in the manhunt which wounded two people and compelled citizens that were black or drove blue pick-ups to identify themselves with Tee shirts and bumper stickers that they weren't Dorner.

I believe that the LAPD issues, including the possibility that they were exuberant in their efforts to incinerate Dorner, ala Waco, are all smoke and mirrors.  Every time I am exposed to a lone wolf assassin, especially one with some sort of military background, I am prone to be suspicious.  I will let that set for a minute to something of more import.


One group of people who are delighted about interest in the Dorner case are those who are moving for stronger gun legislation.  Also those who are under fire for allegedly perpetrating a hoax at Sandy Hook.  These issues are both aided by the Dorner case.

The Vice President and his "gunfighters" have top be secretly ecstatic about the fact that a citizen has taken hand guns and automatic weapons and substantiated the need for greater gun control.  Look a the "danger" presented when they aren't controlled, in a state that has one of the more stringent policies on guns. 

The case and the controversy around the LAPD also turns attention away from Newtown Connecticut, where the unrelenting independent media and bloggers have been continuing to keep the pressure on the media and officials of the continuing phalanx of errors and misinformation that keeps getting pointed out.  The media's blitz against the conspiracy "truthers" has been unprecedented in video journalism history and wasn't helped by Anderson Cooper's green screen gaffe (not CNN's first btw) when interviewing a Newtown victim's family member...though we wonder how she got to Midtown for the interview.

Already, Anderson Cooper has called on LA Times reporter Joel Rubin to defend the tactics of the police at Big Bear.  Rubin said in a televised interview on Cooper's show that he had reviewed the monitored and recorded police scanner of the raid and concluded that there was no malice or wrong doing.  He commented to Anderson that he believed that the "burners" that he police were referring to were tear gas canisters, which, on the surface is plausible.  However, he didn't speak directly to the more inflammatory (no pun intended) comment made..."get the gas: burn it down".  The fact that the fire department was nearby but made no attempt to extinguish the blaze is damning evidence as well.

You can be sure there will be plenty of MK Ultra/lone wolf scenarios put out by the intrepid blogosphere.  Already you can see that the media and others like Anderson Cooper are already making sure that what you hear will be sanitized and canonized as the truth.  Here are a couple of other things you can mark (and mock me later if I am wrong)....

----There will considerable scrutiny about the possibility that Dorner (or whoever is identified in there) was pushed back inside after attempting to flee the fire.

----There will be one or two very credible threads about MK Ultra in this case.

----There will be controversy surrounding the autopsy of the incinerated body.  Already CNN has posted articles in its health section on how to identify bodies that are so burned.

----Anderson Cooper might here of this and call me an Internet Troll lurking in the dark corners of the Web.  If he only knew the truth about me.  (wink to you, AC)

----This event will stem the controversy about Sandy Hook and Aurora but will galvanize gun control advocates

Once more, dear friends, (to quote the Bard) unto the breech!

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